[edit] Introduction To Warriors

Warriors are the masters of heavy weaponry, they are capable of wielding almost any type of weapon, as well as most types of armour, and use large melee based attacks to deal catastrophic damage. As a Warriors use Rage as their primary resource, this is built up throughout battles by taking and giving damage.

[edit] Initial Attributes

Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Stamina 13
Intelligence 5
Wisdom 6

[edit] Equipment

[edit] Weaponry

  • Sword
  • Dagger
  • Axe
  • Hammer
  • Wand
  • 2H Axe
  • 2H Sword
  • 2H Hammer
  • Staff

[edit] Armour

  • Chain
  • Leather
  • Cloth
  • Shield
  • Talisman

[edit] Rage System

A Warrior's primary resource is Rage. Learning how to master Rage is the key to becoming a great Warrior. Initially you will start with 0 Rage, and you can have a maximum of 100, outside of combat you lose 5 Rage roughly every 2 seconds. During combat you don't lose Rage unless you use Skills or it is drained by a Debuff. To gain Rage you must either hit your opponent using your weapon, giving you a certain amount of Rage dependant on your weapon attack speed, or by getting hit by an opponent, you obtain 7 Rage per hit you take. As well as this there are a variety of Skills that you can use to generate rage.

[edit] Skills

[edit] General Skills

Skill Icon Level Cost Cast Time Cooldown Upgrade Effect
Equip Axe File:WarriorEquipaxe.gif 1 N/A N/A N/A N/A Can now equip 1-H Axes
Slash File:WarriorSlash.gif 1 25 Rage 0 sec Global + 4.8% DPS Inflicts (80 + 4.8 per Upgrade)% main hand DPS on the target and adds a Bleed Effect. (Bleed effect only with an Axe, Sword, 2H Axe or 2H Sword).
Enraged File:WarriorEnraged.gif 4 0 0 sec 40 sec N/A Increases Rage by 20 points
Whirlwind File:WarriorWhirlwind.gif 8 50 Rage 0 sec 30 sec +4.2% DPS Whirls you in place causing (70 + 4.2 per Upgrade)% main hand DPS on targets within range.
Berserk File:WarriorBerserk.gif 12 25 Rage 0 sec 60 sec + ~0.6% Physical Attack, - ~0.6% Physical Defence Increases Physical Attacks by (3 + ~0.6 per Upgrade) and Decreases Physical Defence by (3 + ~0.6 per Upgrade) for 30 seconds.
Defensive Formation File:WarriorDefensiveFormation.gif 16 25 Rage 0 sec 120 sec + 120 Physical Defence, - 1.2% Physical Attack Increases Defence of the whole group by (500 + 120 per Upgrade) and reduced the Physical Attack of the group by (5 + 1.2 per Upgrade)% for 60 seconds.
Brute Strength File:WarriorBruteStrength.gif 20 N/A N/A N/A +1 +0.1% Strength Permanently increases Strength by (11 + 1 per Upgrade) and (1 +0.1 per Upgrade)%
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